We choose Genuine Leather

At Lethnic, once we mention the term “leather”, we refer to genuine animal skin which has been through the tanning and finishing process to produce “leather”.

  • High durability, high stability and capability to meet almost all demands.
  • The possession of natural beauty, and getting fairer over time.
  • Meet all style: from luxurious and classy to modern and liberal.

Our leather’s standard

At present, our raw material source is imported directly from India, Bangladesh and Italy - the world's leading leather exporter in terms of size and prestige.

In addition to importing essential raw materials, developing new leather patterns that deliver aesthetics and differences is also one of our utmost concerns in pursuit of creativity and individuality.

Leather - Care Manuals:

  • Accidental wetting/staining/form break ect. is inevitable damage from use.
  • You need to understand and know how to preserve the leather. We believe each item comes with a lot of memories and reminiscence of unforgettable milestones.
  • Drying: When a leather product gets wet, you need to let it dry naturally at normal temperature. Any attempt to dry leather by thermal action, even exposing to heat only slightly above room temperature, is responsible for causing the leather to lose moisture, subsequently leading to cracking and loss of elasticity. At the same time, this action causes color loss and shortens product lifetime. You should also note that, during leather drying, you must leave the product in inherent form and avoid any act of pulling, hanging, ect. that shapes the product into different figure from the original design.
  • Preservation: Regularly moisturize the leather surface with specialized leather care products such as cream, wax and lotion. If possible, please use natural and colorless products to protect the leather natural color.
  • Stains: use a moist cloth, and special methods for each type of skin / product. Avoid using soap and vinegar, detergents, etc., as they may cause harm to the color and texture on the leather surface.