Born to be different, Lethnic brings our creative and innovative ideas into real life.

Differences, since the beginning, has defined our core value:

  • Differences in design: At Lethnic, we listen to user needs, observe social trends, construe existing products and confide in our own inner voice and our own product’s features. Lethnic’s design team creates new products and continually performs design improvement to the existing products.
  • Difference in material: Too few brands dare to choose this direction because of the many risks they may encounter, because of their restricted competence and because they think a “revolution” is "unnecessary". But at Lethnic, that is of utmost importance. This is demonstrated by our self-develop leathers that has never been available in the market. This highlights the individuality of each of Lethnic’s product. Not only leather, we constantly conduct research and attempt to apply new materials to our catalogs such as wood, metal, paper leather, resin, etc. for the purpose of creating excellent innovative and eco-friendly products.
  • Difference in finishing technology: purses, bags, ect. are not just a monotone story about sewing up different pieces of leather and attaching accessories afterwards. Yearning to create differentiated products, we focus on craftmanship and more advanced techniques. With the same design, on the same material, good finishing techniques will give the finished product a completely different look compared to the same product not undergone the corresponding techniques. We believe customers deserve the best. We also believe that artisans' work grants a great value to products that later will be evaluate by customers themselves. At Lethnic, cautiously we take every step. In particular, each product is handled by skillful craftmen in many key stages. Unlike what many other brands are doing, Lethnic does not count with machines during manufacturing process, we create products based on human hands. Machines, if any, only appear for supporting. All aims at taking the product to next to perfection and, further, bring it a human soul.