Lethnic is founded by two independent co-founders in the field of leather and international business.

Our strong bond lies in the passion for leather products. We found that recent designs in regard to wallet and purse were rather less creative, despite the fact that those are our ALWAYS must-carry accessories.

And each being - with one’s unique cultural and cognitive backgrounds, starting points, love, beliefs, stories and life experiences - has a strong need to express one inner self in an distinguish way. Since then, we have established Lethnic to give our customers "interesting" friends - not just to understand, but to support them.

Lethnic’s features:

- Creativity: We continually refresh our minds as well as our designs, constantly attempt to create new things, yet not forget to look back to recreate old concepts that are thought to be familiar or boring.

- Functionality: Being a close and dedicated "friend", each Lethnic product is under a prerequisite to meet customer’s needs.

- Individuality: We create each design with an inspiring story behind, not only for mundane needs, but also for a shared perspective on the meaning of life, and on where we place ourselves in this world.