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Genuine Leather Case For IPhone - Waxed Oil Leather

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Product Details

1. Product Description:

- Made specifically for different product line: fit the edges of the device
- Lined with velvet lining: anti-scratch, protect the device from accidental bumps, impacts
- Solid, stay firmly in the palm of your hands
- Product comes in an elegant box set, ready to send as a gift.
- Several options for personal engraving: names, initials signatures, meaningful messages ...

2. Inspiration for Unique Design:

One of the most obvious reasons as to why a phone case is important is to protect your device’s exterior. Smartphones nowadays are not cheap, and it is even more costly to send the phone in to repair. A phone case can help save you time and money, while keeping your phone looking fresh out of the box. If it is covered with real leather, it will be much more luxurious and expensive.

Understanding that need, Lethnic has all available leather cases for you and your iPhone:

  • The frame tightly fit the edges of the device, protect your phone from accidental bumps, drops, impacts
  • Several colors that match your personal taste.
  • Lined with velvet lining: anti-scratch, protect the device from accidental bumps, impacts.

3. Unique character:

Our ambition is to create products that make a bold statement for each individual. Besides diverse product ranges that carry multiple stories, or ideal lifestyles, we bring more solutions to help you embrace your true colors on each product.

You can choose to stamp, engrave your name, initials, or a love message on the surface of the leather phone case and send it as a special gift for your loved ones. No matter years passed by; these words of encouragement and love will always be there.

For Corporate or Customers who want special versions of our products to send as gifts, please contact our Customer Service Department for more support.

4. Material:

Apple iPhone leather case takes advantage of several Leather / Fabric lines:

  • Waxed leather: Perfect option to express true personality. The surface is more absorbent than other leathers, leaving traces of use and a better shine over time.

- The longer you use, the soft your phone case’s skin becomes.

5. Packaging

Lethnic embraces our respect and dedication to customers through our packaging standards. Each product is sent in an appropriately sized box, which is decorated personally to deliver the best emotional message. For every purchase made from Lethnic, you will receive an order with a full box set, finished packaging.

Those who would love to send gifts to your loved ones, your relatives, partners with specific requirements, we provide additional gift-wrapping services, handwritten cards, paper bags in the same material, as we want to help to convey the full messages and make the people that truly matter to you happy.

In case of long-distance delivery, your product will always be kept in an extra hard carton to ensure the best stage of protection, avoiding all damages caused result from accidental bumps and impacts.

6. Guarantee:

- All images/video clips are made on real products.
- Customers will receive a 30-day warranty: frame, leather glue.
- The color deviation is less than 3% due to your phone’s brightness, device.

7. Have you heard about Lethnic brand?

Establish in 2016, Lethnic is a manufacturer and also a trader of fashion leather goods, which focus on product quality and individuality of customers. At Lethnic, you will find the most well-made products to the tiniest detail, integrated technology elements to protect the user’s private information while promoting creativity and distinction in every single design.

Lethnic focuses on the differentiating factor in product design and honors the individual element through applying separate solutions for each minimalist product. We will try to fulfill the needs of both Individual and Corporate Customers.


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Genuine Leather Case For IPhone - Waxed Oil Leather

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